Attend Regularly

Consistency is key in living a life that honors God. That's why we ask everyone who attends Vale to attend weekly. We understand that life can be crazy, and you won't always make it. That's why we put all our weekly worship experiences on-line, but if you want to make the most of your time here at Vale we encourage you to make attending a priority.

Volunteer Somewhere

We are never more like Christ than when we serve one another. In a world that teaches it is better to be served than to serve we believe our message as a church is to confront this false reality. We want to walk as Jesus walked, and see the impact of what it looks like to a live a life that models Christ's passion to lead through service.

Join A Small Group

Give Financially

We believe that life change happens best in the confines of a small group. As a growing church we know the best way for you to connect with others is to do it on a smaller scale with others in the church. Thats why we try to connect everyone into a small group environment. Our groups meet in peoples homes throughout the week.

At Vale church we believe in a  lifestyle of generosity. On Sunday September 7th we asked our church to go to local stores and purchase items to help stock the shelves of a local ministry that serves the underserved in Bloomington. This is an example of what it means to BE the church.